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Kintur Sanghvi MD FACC FSCAI Kintur Sanghvi MD FACC FSCAI Dr. Kintur Sanghvi has been intensely focused in learning, researching and teaching cardiovascular medicine since age 23. After practicing in a legendary academic teaching hospital for 11 years in NJ, acquiring experience of over 10,000 cardiovascular procedures; publishing multiple research articles, book chapters, and training over 100 cardiologist, he has decided to open NJ Heart & Vascular Care to provide: A personalized, compassionate and comprehensive care in all the areas of Cardiology, Interventional cardiology and Endovascular Medicine. He has been internationally acclaimed and has given talks as guest faculty in multiple countries across 5 continents. . With deep interest in problems solving, he has innovated and published multiple new procedures, techniques, and device solution and owns multiple patents. The Practice’s motto is: It is truly a privilege to provide cutting edge, evidence-based care to each patient, one at a time.

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In a minimally invasive same day procedure, the PFO is closed with a PFO occluder device seen on intracardiac echocardiograph

Preventing Stroke in Young Population:

Stroke is the fifth most common cause of death and leading cause of preventable adult disability in the USA. Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) is common cause in young people and PFO could be closed in a minimally invasive procedure to prevent recurrent stroke.