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Dr. Kintur Sanghvi is one of the finest interventional cardiologists practicing today. His advanced skill set in coronary, structural, and peripheral interventions, combined with excellent clinical judgement put him in a master class. He goes the extra mile to ensure his patients get the treatment they need regardless if that treatment is invasive or noninvasive. He always puts the patient first. Despite his busy clinical schedule, he continues to perform industry leading research. His work has led to tangible interventional designs, resulting in better care for patients, not just in his practice but around the world. The only thing greater than his passion for practicing interventional cardiology is his passion for teaching the next generation of interventionalists. His ability to explain complex interventional techniques, combined with his vast knowledge and extreme patience make him one of the finest educators I have ever worked with. I personally feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work and learn from Dr. Sanghvi. The world is truly a better place because of him. I am honored to call him a mentor and friend. 

From: Nicholas Ierovante, DO, FSCAI

Interventional Cardiologist and Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine 

Scranton, Pennsylvania 



Dr. Sanghvi,

I cannot thank you enough for everything that you have taught me. You have made me a better physician and you always increase the standards at Deborah. My favorite is how you always make sure we understand and notice the big picture. I really thank you for teaching me this.

From: Antonio Christophy DO: Advanced Heart Failure Cardiologist

San Diego, CA



I met Dr. Sanghvi, July 2019 in my training year to become an Interventional Cardiologist. Prior to starting my fellowship, I read and heard about his dedication to radial percutaneous intervention with novel and innovative approaches for radial techniques.  

Having the opportunity to learn interventional cardiology directly from Dr. Sanghvi has made a significant impact in my career.  He challenged me to not only complete the mundane daily tasks but also excel and strive to lead and be innovative for my patients and the next generation of learners. For example in one year, I successfully learned a unique skill of “sheathless” approach to coronary and endovascular percutaneous intervention while also publishing our experience in a retrospective case series.  

He took the additional time out of his routine work schedule to educate and discuss his prior and current challenges in the field, procedural tips about various techniques that are not in textbooks, and helped me become a well equipped and technically skilled interventional cardiology operator. In my current practice, I continue to use many of his techniques and knowledge that I learned directly from him. 

Aside from being a teacher, he took great interest in my overall happiness. 

For example, he would routinely ask if I was continuing to exercise, having quality time with my family, eating healthy despite my rigorous work schedule. 

His commitment to his craft, patients, colleagues, and family is exemplary and I feel fortunate to have learned and worked with him.

From: Vikram Raje MD

Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology

Interventional Cardiology

The Heart Center at Northeast Georgia Health System

Gainesville, GA 


Dr. Sanghvi’s expertise and clinical skills are second to none. His expertise extends to all aspects of interventional cardiology and general cardiology. 

He shows the utmost empathy and care when dealing with his patients. He has always practiced the approach of never leaving a patients side until they are taken care of and will spend the extra time to ensure they are comfortable with all aspects of their care. 

Dr. Sanghvi has been a dedicated educator as well. His approach to all students, fellows and other physicians looking to improve their skills is always conducted with the utmost respect and patience. His approach is to be meticulous, detail oriented and methodical to mastering any problem or question that is presented. He also encourages all those that learn from him to pass on what they have learned. Dr Sanghvi is also an innovator and strives to find a new or better approach in which to impart care to his patients that leads to better and safer care. He truly embodies the term “mentor”. 

From: Nemalan Selvaraj, DO, RPVI: Interventional cardiologist

Lee Health, Fort Myers, FL.


Dr. Sanghvi,

It’s Been an extraordinary honor & privilege to train under you. I hope to make you proud in my career using the training you have provided me.

From: Reames Scott Patrick DO

Director TAVR program

Auburn, AL




Dr. Sanghvi,

It became clear to me quickly after leaving fellowship just how prepared I was to start on my own. This is a credit of course to the entire fellowship, but with you in particular.  The level of detail, the meticulous nature in which you approach each step of every case and the compassion you have for your patients,  are all characteristics I've tried to actively pursue myself.

I think of you often as I'm working and I'm passing on a piece of advice or lesson that you taught me.  

I hope all is well with you and your family.

From: Joe Kusick DO

Butler Health System

Butler, PA 16001



Dr. Sanghvi,

I am lucky to have been able to train under the guidance and direction of Dr. Sanghvi.  He approaches his patients with the utmost respect and kindness. Behind this is a thorough knowledge base of cardiovascular medicine and interventional cardiology. From a fellow's perspective his teaching is something that I use daily in my current clinical practice in noninvasive cardiology. He is very dedicated to proper procedure and is very research driven.  I think of his approach to patients whenever I walk in to my exam or hospital rooms. 

I currently recommend residents interested in fellowship to Deborah because I know that Dr. Sanghvi is on the teaching staff.

It was a joy to learn from him and encourage others to seek him out during one of his lectures.

From: David C. Buck Jr., DO, FACC

Noninvasive Cardiovascular Medicine

Bradenton Cardiology Center

Bradenton, FL



It was an honor to learn under Dr. Sanghvi during my interventional fellowship. With his instruction, I was able to develop advanced radial techniques for both coronary and peripheral artery disease while maintaining high ethical standards for our patients. A majority of my practice standards are because of his teaching.

From: Jonathan C Nachtigall, DO 

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health



I know Dr. Sanghvi from my interventional cardiology fellowship at Deborah Heart and Lung Center.  Dr. Sanghvi has a breath of knowledge in medicine, especially within cardiology and interventional cardiology.  He quickly became my mentor while I was a fellow and enriched my educational experience.  Together we were able to not only publish in a peer-reviewed journal, but also won at the Annual Steven M. Honara Fellowship Research Symposium at Deborah Heart and Lung Center.  In addition to his dedication to research, I found Dr. Sanghvi to truly care about education as it was apparent in his passion for teaching his fellows.  Furthermore, I also learned from his commitment to his patients, he always went above and beyond and only offered exceptional care to his patients.  I was fortunate to train at Deborah Heart and Lung Center where I was able to learn from exceptional mentors such as Dr. Sanghvi. 

From: Supreeya Swarup, DO, FACC: Interventional Cardiology

St. Francis Cardiology Associates

Assistant Professor of Medicine-Cardiology

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Memphis, TN



Dr. Sanghvi,

Thank you for all the guidance and teaching in the past three years at Deborah. I have learned countless lessons from you. From interventional cardiology to research to the business of medicine.

Thank you for all the time you spent teaching!

From: John Costello, DO: Electrophysiologist

Haddon Heights, NJ

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